Art Partners Choose their Favourite Flowers

The Art Partners made two trips to the Freight Gallery (DADAA) in Fremantle to take in the visual delights of Fingers and Petals – the handmade flower show.  Protégé Roslyn Burns, her friend and support worker Tracey Musham and Art Partners Program Officer Wanda Ariano made the first trip, while protégé Janine Egan, mentor Judi McGuigan and Wanda made the second.

Why Fingers and Petals?

Art Partners had a strong connection to Fingers and Petals given that three of their flowers were included in the Freight Gallery exhibition.  As one of the first projects of 2013, Helen Seiver, the Art Partners Consulting Artist, hosted a series of workshops in her Capel studio with the aim of fashioning a series of handmade flowers.  Along with Helen, the Art Partners project involved Roslyn, Tracey and Wanda.  Roslyn’s mentor Billie Griffiths joined the project in its final stages.

It was a multi-stage process with Roslyn drawing petal shapes with a pencil held between her toes.  Helen then scanned the petal drawings and reproduced them in different sizes.  Paper patterns were cut, Roslyn suggested colours, Tracey mixed paint, and Roslyn painted canvas in varying shades of the chosen colours.  The canvas was then cut according to the paper patterns.  The three flowers were then lined with fabric and given wire inserts which means every single petal is flexible and can be manipulated to achieve a desired effect.  Billie, Helen and Wanda stitched the flowers to provide the finishing touches.

Roslyn Burns and Tracey Musham at Fingers and Petals, Freight Gallery

Roslyn Burns and Tracey Musham at Fingers and Petals, Freight Gallery

Although the partnership of Janine and Judi was not involved in creating flowers for Fingers and Petals, they are true lovers of flowers and nature.

The Favourite Five

Everyone was assigned the task of choosing their favorite flower.  It proved to be a daunting challenge, as there were so many flowers to choose from, and many of the creations were simply stunning.

Roslyn didn’t take long to choose.  She gravitated to Slender Paw, a creation by Lesley Munro of White Gum Valley.  For those who are close to Roslyn’s arts practice, this choice was obvious given that she had recently completed a painting of a kangaroo paw.

Slender Paw by Lesley Munro

Roslyn’s Choice: Slender Paw by Lesley Munro

Ros couldn’t resist the opportunity to chose a runner-up.  She opted for Yellow Flower to Scarf  by Bernadette Aitken of Coolbellup.

Yellow Flower to Scarf by Bernadette Aitken

Roslyn’s Runner-up: Yellow Flower to Scarf by Bernadette Aitken

Tracey was captivated by the group of pieces by Sally Baulch from Beaconsfield, four of which included found glass pieces.  She succumbed to pressure and narrowed her choice down to Fleur D’oor.

Fleur D'oor by Sally Baulch

Tracey’s Choice: Fleur D’oor by Sally Baulch

Wanda’s choice was Vegetables in Bloom, an exquisite creation made from chillies and wire by Dean Whineray of Coolbellup.

Vegetables in Bloom by Dean Whineray

Wanda’s Choice: Vegetables in Bloom by Dean Whineray

Janine couldn’t resist the set of five flowers called Axminster made by Serena McLauchlan of Albany.  These beautiful flowers crafted from drafting paper and textas will surely provide some inspiration to Janine and her ongoing arts practice which often revolves around things floral.

Axminster by Serena Mclauchlan

Janine’s Choice: Axminster by Serena McLauchlan

After a lengthy deliberation, Judi chose Desert Bloom by Leah Van Lieshout of Gwelup.  It’s a stunning creation crafted from merino wool, glass and thread.

Desert Bloom by Leah Van Leishout

Judi’s Choice: Desert Bloom by Leah Van Leishout

Chats with Artists

Along with flower gazing, there was plenty of time to chat with DADAA staff and exhibitors who happened to be at Freight.  Janine and Judi met artist Joanna Hayward who was animating the exhibition by stitching in the Gallery.  Roslyn and Tracey hung out with Pauline Miles who took time to look closely at the Art Partners flowers and propose some ideas for expanding the flower-making practice.

Pauline Miles Discussing the Art Partners Flowers

Pauline Miles Discussing the Art Partners Flowers

Fowers by Art Partners clockwise from top left:  Barcelona Olé, Pink Rose, Poinsettia

Fowers by Art Partners clockwise from top left: Barcelona Olé, Pink Rose, Poinsettia

Janine Egan and Judi McGuigan with Joanna Hayward

Janine Egan and Judi McGuigan with Joanna Hayward

Special thanks to the exhibition organizers Nalda Searles and Judy Mary Seward, to all the flower makers for providing the visual delights, and to the team at DADAA for receiving everyone so graciously.

PS:  Don’t miss Roslyn’s PlaceStories digital postcard Dear Helen & Billie  and the official Fingers and Petals blog

12 thoughts on “Art Partners Choose their Favourite Flowers

  1. Johanna

    What a wonderful initiative. I think my favourite from the photos would have to be the Axminster, but well done to everyone for such great ideas and artistic endeavour 🙂

  2. Helen Seiver

    What a great project this was to be involved in! We all had such fun just doing and creating together and the results as you can see from the great photos speak for themselves, they were fantastic! I don’t think I could have chosen just one favorite!
    BTW: congratulations to Art Partners on the new Blog. Such a cool way to spread the word about all the amazing projects on the go. Helen x

  3. Serena

    Hi Art Partners, Thank you for choosing my work ‘axminster’ as a fav. Believe it or not my house has floral carpet in that design and that is where i got my inspiration from!! I traced the colours from the carpet and really enjoyed turning them into floating flowers for the show Fingers and Petals
    Good luck Janine with your creative pursuits XX Serena McLauchlan

  4. Leah van Lieshout

    Hi Art Partners
    congratulations on your flowers exhibited in the show, its lovely to hear how they were made and I do hope you keep making them! Thank you for choosing my desert bloom as a favourite. A Dutch friend of mine photographed the real flower which inspired the felt one “somewhere in the desert”, they grow very close to the earth in clusters and I was entranced but I have yet to find someone who can can identify it. Since we all so enjoyed the making lets keep creating! Enjoy!
    Kind regards,

  5. andrea

    Wonderful inaugural blog, Art Partners. Look forward to many more! Great contribution by your artists to an amazingly inspirational process and exhibition. Your top five picks were great. Keep up your amazing work in the southwest!

  6. Lesley Munro

    Hi, Art Partners, I really loved the freshness of ‘Fingers and Petals’! Such imagination, skill and ingenuity, and wonderful sense of lightheartedness, There were many beautiful works there, so thanks for choosing my piece as a favourite! It was made from sliced plywood off-cuts, salvaged from a boat builder’s workshop in Fremantle. I enjoyed experimenting and painting on them until I found the form that suited,then the challenge of how to construct the ‘paw’. I also very much liked the Art Partner’s contribution to the show, Congratulations to all involved and thanks for this great blog.
    Warm regards, Lesley

  7. Val Hornibrook - Maybrook Designs

    Wanda and all at Arts Partners Bunbury – What a fabulous blog, and your floral challenge is beautiful in all very different mediums. Looking forward to see more from all at Arts Partners in the future. Congratulations. Val

  8. Sally Baulch

    Hello Art Partners, thank you for making contact with me and for liking my flower. All of my glass pieces have been made with the sandblasted glass & dish shards found on the beach. I have been collecting these treasures for a few years and was thrilled to turn them into objects of beauty…(in my eyes). Even the door knob of “fleur d’oor” was found on the beach. It is also my first trial with sculpture as I usually work with textiles. I love seeing the diverse creations, all of them beautiful and unique. We look forward to making more with Art Partners next year hopefully. Thanks again for your contact. Best Regards Sally.

  9. Tracey

    Aloha Sally…it was great to hear from you…I love your glass creations especially as being an original Freo girl myself it was extra delightful to hear you had collected them from around there.. I have a small collection from my local beaches in Bunbury which I had always intended to make Runes from…you have reminded & re-inspired me…many thanks & blessings to you..Tracey

  10. Helen Brink

    What a treat to see these beautiful floral inspired creations,so amazing to see so many different interpretations of the same subject,I want them all!! but I must say my favourite by only a small margin was the Fleur D’ Oor by Sally Baulch. Living at the coast I see a lot of sea glass but never thought it could make such a beautiful flower,all such clever ladies,well done.

  11. Art Partners Post author

    Thanks Helen! Yes, the flower by Sally Baulch is really stunning. We’ll forward her your comment. She’ll be delighted to see that ‘Fleur D’Oor’ is continuing to have impact.


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