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The Southern Swing

On June 2, Art Partners protégé Roslyn Burns and four members of her cheerleading squad piled in to an Activ Foundation van and drove south to Margaret River.  They’d been invited to the opening of South West Showcase: Stories from our Region in The Foyer Art Gallery of Arts Margaret River.  This exhibition featured selected works produced by Ruslan Kulski (ABC Producer for the South West) and other super creative contributors. 

In tow on this southern swing were Roslyn’s mentor Billie Griffiths, her friend and support worker Tracey Musham, Program Officer Wanda Ariano, and Consulting Artist and cheerleader exraordinaire Helen Seiver.  The Activ van was brilliantly chauffeured by Tracey. 

Having arrived in Margaret River in good time, the girls enjoyed a coffee in a main street café before heading on to Arts Margaret River.

South West Showcase:  Stories from our Region

At the front door of The Foyer Art Gallery, the Art Partners team was exuberantly received by Ruslan.  The Showcase included a continuous loop of short videos, and displays of still photos and text by three contributors.  The Art Partners had time to mingle, watch the videos included in the loop, and explore the photos and information panels.  Rousing and enthusiastic speeches were delivered by Ruslan and Brian Mullaney, one of the featured contributors and a prolific teller of tales.

Ruslan Welcomes Guests

Ruslan welcomes guests to the opening of South West Showcase: Stories from our Region

A group photo followed the speeches with everyone huddling in front of the enormous South West Showcase poster.

The Opening Crowd

The opening crowd at South West Showcase: Stories from our Region

An Open Letter to the Artist

Roslyn’s ABC Open video An Open Letter to the Artist  (Ruslan Kulski, Producer) was included in the video loop.  It proved to be a confidence-building experience for Roslyn to see her video in the company of other storytellers and people she’d never met before.  Although Roslyn is the feature of her video which was shot at the Stirling Street Arts Centre where she attends a weekly painting activity, several others can be spotted on screen including Billie, Tracey and Wanda.  It’s Tracey’s beautiful voice which leads the Q & A throughout the video.  The other person in the video who plays a key role in Roslyn’s arts practice is Pam Teede, her art tutor.  Pam wasn’t able to make the swing south, but was surely present in spirit.

Watching Ros' Video 'An Open Letter to the Artist'

Watching Ros’ video ‘An Open Letter to the Artist’ at the opening of South West Showcase: Stories from our Region

Congratulations to Ruslan and all the featured contributors!  Art Partners hopes for more stories from Ruslan, Roslyn and others in the South West.  Check out Ruslan’s blog posting on the opening.