Monthly Archives: August 2014

Many Hands and One Foot

There were many hands and one foot going for broke at a recent public workshop in the art studio of Edith Cowan University (ECU) Bunbury Campus.  The workshop was held to give participants a jump start at creating 9 x 5 inch panels for upcoming exhibition and auction to benefit Art Partners.

The workshop was facilitated by South West artists Helen Seiver and Marina Troitsky.

The first part of the workshop was taken up with printmaking demonstrations.  Helen focused on found objects that could be used to transfer an image onto paper.  The idea was that those interested in experimenting with printmaking would work with paper, and then the chosen paper creations could be glued onto the 9 x 5 inch panels.  The found objects included leaves, feathers, peppermint tree twigs and curtain lace. Continue reading