Our World in Portraits

This month, we’d like to share some of our recent adventures brought to life by Carensa Werder’s portrait photographs.

Many Good Friends

There are many people and organisations that join forces to make Art Partners a reality.  In 2014, our records show that we benefitted from the participation of 16 mentors, 34 volunteers and workshop participants, and 14 tutors who led classes and activities.  In addition, there were 8 sponsors and 30 financial donors.  We’re grateful to each and every one of them.  Without the efforts of this entire team – and many others – Art Partners would definitely not have the same look and feel.


We’ve been working closely with Ruslan Kulski, the ABC Open Producer for the South West, to bring some of the stories of our long-standing volunteers and team members to life through portrait photographs and stories for the Unsung project.  Mike and Helen are but two of our unsung heroes.

Heroism by Number:  158 Works and Counting

Mike Waldin and his team of Lois (wife and business partner) and Franca (loyal and long-standing staff member), have been supporting us with framing our work at Southern Picture Framers since Art Partners began in 2011.  In 2014 alone, a total of 58 works were framed and mounted.  Find out how our partnership with them began and what happens on Saturday mornings – our special day – at Southern Picture Framers.

Mike Waldin in Heroism by Number: 158 Works and Counting for ABC Open Unsung. Photo by Carensa Werder

Mike Waldin in Heroism by Number: 158 Works and Counting for ABC Open Unsung. Photo by Carensa Werder

Coming Up:  Helen Seiver

Helen Seiver is the Consulting Artist for Art Partners.  She has been supporting us since the planning of Art Partners began before the launch of the pilot project in 2011.  Her role is a complex one:  to guide us on our artistic journey.  Watch the ABC Open website for Helen’s inclusion in Unsung.

Helen Seiver. Photo by Carensa Werder

Helen Seiver. Photo by Carensa Werder

Portraits: I am 18

Another ABC Open project, Portraits: I am 18, has enabled us to get out and about in the community and tell the stories of 18 year olds.  Last month, we introduced you to Beautiful Teagan and Justin’s Connection. We’d now like you to meet three other energetic and intriguing 18 year olds.

Kris’ World

Kris leads an active life that involves the good friends he met at school, bowling, and his love of the Dockers footy team.  Enjoy the story behind Kris’ portrait photo right here.

Kris' World for ABC Open Portraits: I am 18. Photo by Carensa Werder

Kris’ World for ABC Open Portraits: I am 18. Photo by Carensa Werder

Callum’s Expanding World

Callum’s eighteenth year brought some tantalizing possibilities to the fore.  Find out what those are, and hear about his many reptilian and feathered friends.

Callum's Expanding World for ABC Open Portraits: I am 18. Photo by Carensa Werder

Callum’s Expanding World for ABC Open Portraits: I am 18. Photo by Carensa Werder

Michael:  A Real Boy

Michael’s a typical boy who likes loud music, plenty of food and splashing around in the pool.  Discover more about Michael and the composition of his gorgeous portrait photograph.

Michael: A Real Boy for ABC Open Portraits: I am 18. Photo by Carensa Werder

Michael: A Real Boy for ABC Open Portraits: I am 18. Photo by Carensa Werder

Guest Post

ABC Open asked us to reflect on our participation in Portraits: I am 18.  You can read the guest post right here.

A Doodling Give-Away

At the end of last year, and to celebrate Disability Awareness Week, we hosted December Doodles in collaboration with the South West Women’s Health and Information Centre.  The workshop was funded by a grant from the Disability Services Commission.  A total of 21 participants enjoyed this inspiring workshop led by Art Partners mentor Amanda Doust.

Photographer Carensa was with us, and captured the spirit of the workshop with a series of informal portrait photographs.

The benefits of doodling are clear:  it’s relaxing and a great and inexpensive way to enjoy a creative outlet.  We can highly recommend it!

For those who comment on this post, we’re proposing a speedy route to getting colourfully creative:  a copy of Mandy’s Organic Colouring Book, edition 5 by Amanda Doust.

Mandy's Organic Colouring Book by Amanda Doust. Photo by Carensa Werder

Mandy’s Organic Colouring Book by Amanda Doust. Photo by Carensa Werder

Just select ‘replies’ immediately under the title of the article, and let us know you’ve been here.  There will be a random draw on March 15 for the prize with local and international participants welcome.  A little doodling on your keyboard might have you doodling in colour in no time!

29 thoughts on “Our World in Portraits

  1. Carensa Werder

    Good to see our photos being launched and getting more exposure for Art Partners. Look forward to future photos 🙂

  2. Amanda

    Wow so much creativity and collaboration happening. Hope who ever wins this months draw enjoys their colouring in. I love being part of Art Partners.

    1. Art Partners Post author

      I think it’s a joy and privilege for us to have you on the journey. The road ahead is paved with many exciting possibilities. Thanks for all you have done to make Art Partners what it is today.

    1. Art Partners Post author

      Great to hear from you Lindy Loo. Yes, people in that workshop looked really delighted. And, yes, there’s something about being creative that delights the soul and reflects on the face!

      1. Irene in Canada

        So much fun, beauty and community! Thank you for sharing the fruits of your wonderful partnerships – and the journey that helped bring them about!

  3. lifeimagesbyjillharrison

    I’ve enjoyed reading this afternoon about the fabulous things that Art Partners are doing and the people it is bringing together to explore creative outlets. We all have art in us hiding away waiting to get out. You never know what might start by doodling! Wow, I didn’t realize Mandy had a colouring book!

  4. Louis Ariano

    What a dedicated group of people who do so much to bring the community together and make this world a better place. I am always amazed how folks of all abilities are encouraged and can achieve so much. The word puzzle with the various names is original and the other colorful photos are a conversation piece for the imagination. Please keep up the excellent work with blessings.

  5. Johanna

    Highlighting unsung heroes is such a lovely initiative and it’s great to see the amazing community you’ve pulled together. Well done for your work with ABC’s I am 18, what an interesting project that must have been.

    1. Art Partners Post author

      Thanks so much Jo. Yes, the ‘I am 18’ project was totally amazing. It gave us a chance to extend our reach into the community, and meet a new cohort of young people we don’t usually have contact with. The results were stunning, we think.

  6. Isabell

    The doodling workshop was fantastic. Thanks for delivering such fun and innovative events to the Bunbury community, AP!

    1. Art Partners Post author

      Thanks Isabell for checking out the post. It was great to have you at December Doodles. We look forward to possibly hosting that workshop again later this year.

  7. Ali Smith

    A vibrant amount of stories and art. I especially like the thought behind the bark seascape being from a fish eye view. I look forward to reading more about your beautiful creatings in the future.

    1. Art Partners Post author

      Hi Ali Smith! Thanks for checking out the blog. Yes, it’s jammed packed with inspiring stuff, we think. And, those bark creations by Keon and Ric (seen on Facebook, March 17) are really imaginative. Please stay in touch.

  8. Art Partners Post author

    Hello! For all those who commented on or before March 15, we had a copy of ‘Mandy’s Organic Colouring Book’ on offer. And, the winner by random draw is the person who commented under the name of ‘waferal.’ Thanks to everyone who commented on this lovely post.


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