Daniel McLachlan: The Story Continues

This month, we are totally thrilled to bring you our third annual post about prolific illustrator Daniel McLachlan! He came onto our radar in 2014, and we published the first post Daniel Illustrates the Importance of Drawing.  That was followed in 2015 with Manga and More with Daniel McLachlan.

It’s now 2016, and he’s still going strong with his illustrations and his story lines. He’s continuing to extend his reach into the community, and his art is proving to be an ideal medium.

Looking Back

In 2014, Daniel met artists Helen Seiver and Sam Beard. The year 2015 included encounters with photographer Carensa Watts, Deputy Mayor Brendan Kelly and proprietor Ash Bartley at Bunbury’s Hidden Realm Comics and Collectibles.

The Here and Now

Since early this year, Daniel’s been attending a class led by artist Tom Ansell at the Stirling Street Arts Centre. He’s also had the opportunity to have his work (and himself) photographed by Rob Cox of oxy images who has generously provided most of the images for this post.

Daniel in conversation with Tom. Photo by Rob Cox

Daniel in conversation with Tom. Photo by Rob Cox

After much deliberation, we’ve chosen three new and rather remarkable works and storylines to feature in this post: Chemical World – Retracing Steps; Section 17; and The Cheater (triptych).

Chemical World – Retracing Steps

According to Daniel: “After the big horrible war between The Farmarcos and The Escaped Prisoners, the world is even more devastated. The Escaped Prisoners have taken over San Francisco and all of the wasteland.

“After 5 years trying to survive slavery by The Escaped Prisoners, a young man named Johnson (who is the younger brother to the famous Farmarco soldier known as Cadmar), has just found out that his brother sacrificed himself to save San Francisco during the war years.

“Johnson wants to make a stand and retrace Cadmar’s steps to becoming a soldier and freeing the chemical wasteland from The Escaped Prisoners’ clutches.”

Section 17

In Daniel’s words: “In the near future, America becomes slowly over-populated with poor people and criminals.  The American government decides to make a massive walled city in which to put all the criminals and poor people. This city is known as Section 17.

“A father and his son recently go bankrupt after a robbery. They are then immediately forced into Section 17. The father and son barely survive the first few weeks because of all the crime and murder. But later on, they from a group and have a revolution with higher-up Americans to secure their freedom.”

The Cheater (triptych)

As told by Daniel: “All over the world, a criminal organisation known as Dosh.inc is making businesses go bankrupt by hacking them.  A Year 12 student known as Luke, has his family business hacked by Dosh.inc.  Now Luke and his parents are living in a disgusting apartment with barely any money.

“Luke then decides that he has had enough of all the hacking that goes around the news 24/7. He then becomes a hacker and uses his computer knowledge from when he worked in a computer store. Luke doesn’t hack for his own benefit, but hacks for information leading to Dosh.inc.”

First Award for Daniel

The Cheater (triptych) was first exhibited at The Social Network youth arts exhibition at the Bunbury Regional Art Galleries as part of Shift 2016.

Daniel was present with family and friends on the April 8 opening night when he was awarded the 12-15 age-category prize for his work!

The Cheater at the Social Network youth arts exhibition

The Cheater at the Social Network youth arts exhibition

As for the jury’s thoughts: “The judges were highly impressed with the level of detail in Daniel’s work The Cheater. These illustrations showed wonderful imagination and presented a complex narrative about our dependence on technology and where this might lead in the future.  All of the judges were drawn into the story, and we found ourselves captivated by the work.” (The Social Network judges)

A New Acquaintance

A new artist in Daniel’s life is Tom Ansell who is a Visual Arts Honours Student at Edith Cowan University. Tom has been teaching Daniels’s Thursday afternoon art class at Stirling Street Arts Centre since early this year.  Incidentally, Tom is a talented artist, and was also an age-category winner at the opening of The Social Network youth arts exhibition.

Works by Tom Ansell. Photo by Rob Cox

Works by Tom Ansell. Photo by Rob Cox

We then thought we’d get Daniel and Tom together for some bilateral show and tell.

9 x 5 Inch Artworks

As a result of the many parallels between Daniel and Tom, we invited them to create 9 x 5 inch artworks for the exhibition at the Bunbury Regional Art Galleries (July 25 to August 7), and fundraising auction (in aid of Art Partners) on University Open Day (Sunday, August 28).

The duo was then photographed with their artworks at the Stirling Street Arts Centre by Jon Gellweiler and featured in the South Western Times. For the full story, visit here.

Daniel and Tom with their 9 x 5 inch artworks in the South Western Times, June 9, 2016. Photo by Jon Gellweiler

Daniel and Tom with their 9 x 5 inch artworks in the South Western Times, June 9, 2016. Photo by Jon Gellweiler

More Info on the 9 x 5?

If you’re so inspired by Daniel and Tom to try your hand at creating a 9 x 5 inch artwork, visit our handy FAQ for more information.

Over to You?

Have you enjoyed seeing the progression in Daniel’s work since we first profiled him in 2014?

22 thoughts on “Daniel McLachlan: The Story Continues

    1. Art Partners Post author

      Thanks so much Rob for your contributions to this post. It’s come together beautifully, and yes, we’re sure there’s lots more to come from Daniel and Tom.

    1. Art Partners Post author

      Thanks for stopping by Craig. Yes, such wonderfully imaginative stuff from Daniel, with quality engagements coming from Tom. Thanks for staying in touch.

  1. Sonya McKenzie

    Daniel’s imagination is incredible; in the league of Lord of the Rings, the Passage etc….I love the intricate detail of his artwork. And I’m pleased to say I have one of his drawings, before he gets famous!!!

  2. Lorrae McArthur

    Unfortunately I don’t get to see this amazing artwork up close due to distance, but think it is great that I get to see Daniel’s work and many achievements shared with a wider audience through the Art Partners network.

    1. Art Partners Post author

      Thank you Lorrae! How terrific is it that we can share the work of the Art Partners with a much wider audience through these blog posts and other social media platforms. Thanks for staying in touch.

  3. Daniel McLachlan

    Thanks for the blog Art Partners and thanks for the awesome comments guys. I will continue my work and enter more exhibitions during the year, such as the Iluka exhibition. 😃

  4. Leighton Jay

    Well done Daniel – it’s fabulous to see your stories and art continuing to grow. You have a marvellous imagination and are making good use of it. How wonderful that you and Tom have been put in touch with each other. I look forward to seeing what your collaborative partnership can produce in the future. Well done Art Partners.


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