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A Handful of Beautiful Year-End Offerings

For our final blog post of 2016, we thought we’d share with you a handful of inspiring stories from throughout the year. Some you may have discovered from our Facebook posts, but they’re so beautiful they’re worth packaging and presenting as a holiday gift pack. Continue reading

Amazing Array of Art Awaits on April 2

You might consider pulling out your calendar and reserving Saturday, April 2 for Bunbury’s Tree Street Art Safari.  The event will indeed be an amazing array of art, craft and design.

What’s the Safari?

Tree Street resident and artist Kerry Gelmi came up with the idea of a Safari where fellow artists, designers and makers could open their homes and studios to visitors who could then view, buy, sample or commission what’s on show. Continue reading

How Sam’s Travel Memories became ‘Florals in Frames’

Sam Everitt has had some really inspiring photographic experiences.  In 2012, he travelled to England, and visited the Chelsea Flower Show.  According to (the official website of The British Monarchy): “The Chelsea Flower Show has become a regular fixture in the Royal calendar since it was first held in 1913.  The aim of the exhibitions is to encourage amateur gardeners of all standards to try to achieve similar displays in their own gardens.”  Sam captured an impressive number of high-quality floral images from the 2012 exhibition, and he’s been sharing his travel memories ever since. Continue reading

How to Get a 6-Pack

Well, it’s the beginning of 2014, and many people are frantically trying to hold on to their New Year’s resolutions.  Whether it’s to lose weight, exercise more, or take their photographs in for development, many people are thinking about how to make life just a little better or healthier. Continue reading