Crystal Photography Workshop

On August 19, join us in celebrating World Photo Day, National Science Week and International Year of Light 2015 in a workshop with Gary Cass.  He’s the Scientific Director (aka Crazy Scientist) of The Scientific Creativity Initiative.  Our best description of Gary is that he’s one third scientist, one third artist, and one third entertainer!

In this workshop, you will learn how to create the most amazing crystal images by applying tiny amounts of chemical compounds to glass slides, drying the slides, and with the aid of polarized lenses, watching the crystals come to life through the lense of a microscope.

Outcomes from this workshop include a chance for you to exhibit your crystal images.

This workshop is made possible by Inspiring Australia with additional support from the Art Partners Community Inclusion and Participation Grant from the Disability Services Commission, plenty of enthusiasm from ABC Open, and participation from corporate sponsor Cristal.

Date:  Wednesday, August 19

Place: Activity Room, Bunbury City Library, 1 Parkfield Street, Bunbury

Time:  1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Age suitability:  15 years and above

Places are Limited.  To express interest in participating:  Art Partners

Note:  This is an inclusive workshop and is therefore open to people of all abilities.  Required supports can be discussed on an individual basis with the Art Partners Program Officer.


3 thoughts on “Crystal Photography Workshop

  1. Carol

    there were heaps of people there, everyone was so enthused. The discussion was very interesting, most was hands on – using slides & microscopes. Was such a creative fun day.


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