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Roslyn Burns: Backing Myself

“I just want people to back me,” said Roslyn Burns in 2012. Little did we know that those very words would make their way into an ABC Open video produced by Ruslan Kulski and released in 2013.

Clearly one of the best ways to get people to back you is to back yourself. And, that’s exactly what Roslyn did in the years after the release of that video. Continue reading

Manga and More with Daniel McLachlan

Illustrator Daniel McLachlan has had a very busy year!  His portfolio is becoming more colourful and more detailed by the day.

He’s very keen on manga, a style used in Japanese comic books and graphic novels.  He recently completed Manga Madness, a first term class at Stirling Street Arts Centre run by artists Dee Mosca and Kiri Aroha. Continue reading

Touring Town with a Scary Trio

In this post, you’re going to meet King, Jack and Quinn, three scary monsters created by Emma Matthews in her Creative Kids class at the Bunbury Regional Art Galleries (BRAG). Emma worked alongside her Art Partners mentors Billie Griffiths and Helen Seiver to bring the scary monsters to life. Continue reading