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Roslyn Burns: Backing Myself

“I just want people to back me,” said Roslyn Burns in 2012. Little did we know that those very words would make their way into an ABC Open video produced by Ruslan Kulski and released in 2013.

Clearly one of the best ways to get people to back you is to back yourself. And, that’s exactly what Roslyn did in the years after the release of that video. Continue reading

15 Wonderful Works from 2015

As the year draws to a close, we would like to celebrate it with 15 wonderful artworks. These choice selections include photographs, clay creations, and works in a variety of media including acrylics and pastels.

Thanks to Carensa Watts for photographing most of the works, and to Rob Cox for his photograph of Clown Fish. Thanks also to Helen Seiver for her support with selecting these special artworks. Continue reading

Tracey’s Art of Collecting

At Art Partners, we’re fans of BIG Kids Magazine. The theme for their upcoming issue is ‘collections.’

That got us thinking about how we might be able to contribute and spread the word. Not only are we running a few mini-workshops for our younger people and their bigger people friends, but we thought we’d focus this month’s blog post on the art of collecting. Continue reading

Amazing Array of Panels

The art studio at Edith Cowan University (ECU), Bunbury Campus, was humming on Monday, June 8.  A group of 21 participants gathered to try their hands at creating 9 x 5 inch panels.  The workshop was led by the artistic duo of Helen Seiver and Marina Troitsky, and was funded by ECU and the Art Partners Community Inclusion and Participation Grant from the Disability Services Commission. Continue reading