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Daniel McLachlan: The Story Continues

This month, we are totally thrilled to bring you our third annual post about prolific illustrator Daniel McLachlan! He came onto our radar in 2014, and we published the first post Daniel Illustrates the Importance of Drawing.  That was followed in 2015 with Manga and More with Daniel McLachlan. Continue reading

Manga and More with Daniel McLachlan

Illustrator Daniel McLachlan has had a very busy year!  His portfolio is becoming more colourful and more detailed by the day.

He’s very keen on manga, a style used in Japanese comic books and graphic novels.  He recently completed Manga Madness, a first term class at Stirling Street Arts Centre run by artists Dee Mosca and Kiri Aroha. Continue reading

Daniel Illustrates the Importance of Drawing

This month, we’ve spent a lot of time thinking about drawing.  And, what a fantastic medium it is!  Pause and think about it for a moment.  Drawing is how people communicated before they had written language.  But, in our contemporary world, how many of us are active drawers?

All this thinking about drawing led us to The Campaign for Drawing, a UK-based organisation that has one aim:  to get everyone drawing.  According to patron Andrew Marr, “Learning to draw is a very important part of becoming a fully rounded human being…Drawing is about being alive, being more human, having a richer sense of yourself, ultimately.” Continue reading