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Discovering Bunbury’s Re.Discover Murals

The scale of the Re.Discover murals in Bunbury is rather monumental. There seem to be murals almost everywhere.

We realised that the best way to bond with the murals is just to be with them. Stand, slouch, squat, sit, recline, look.  Do anything.  Just be in proximity of a mural – without much distraction – and the mural will imprint itself upon your imagination. Continue reading

When Someone Looks at an Orchid…

Spring is upon us and it’s a great time for the flower-lover to get out and about.

The numbers

If we consider orchids alone, there are 26,000 species! And, according to a 2014 article on the Australian Geographic website entitled Orchids: The coy seduction: “In Australia, about 1,400 of them thrive in wet habitats around the margins of the landmass, with the biggest diversity in the south-west and south-east.” Continue reading

Make Your Pics Soar with these Top Tips

Tips for taking great pics, right?  Where does one start?  Well, two practical picture snapping workshops in early June have definitely pointed the Art Partners in the right direction.

The setting of the inviting Lyndendale Gallery in the Ferguson Valley was perfect for a Saturday morning workshop led by professional photographer Jill Harrison.  Protégé Sam Everitt was in attendance and appreciated the comprehensive slide show that beautifully illustrated many of Jill’s suggestions for successful composition. Continue reading

How Sam’s Travel Memories became ‘Florals in Frames’

Sam Everitt has had some really inspiring photographic experiences.  In 2012, he travelled to England, and visited the Chelsea Flower Show.  According to www.royal.gov.uk (the official website of The British Monarchy): “The Chelsea Flower Show has become a regular fixture in the Royal calendar since it was first held in 1913.  The aim of the exhibitions is to encourage amateur gardeners of all standards to try to achieve similar displays in their own gardens.”  Sam captured an impressive number of high-quality floral images from the 2012 exhibition, and he’s been sharing his travel memories ever since. Continue reading