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A Handful of Beautiful Year-End Offerings

For our final blog post of 2016, we thought we’d share with you a handful of inspiring stories from throughout the year. Some you may have discovered from our Facebook posts, but they’re so beautiful they’re worth packaging and presenting as a holiday gift pack. Continue reading

Amazing Array of Art Awaits on April 2

You might consider pulling out your calendar and reserving Saturday, April 2 for Bunbury’s Tree Street Art Safari.  The event will indeed be an amazing array of art, craft and design.

What’s the Safari?

Tree Street resident and artist Kerry Gelmi came up with the idea of a Safari where fellow artists, designers and makers could open their homes and studios to visitors who could then view, buy, sample or commission what’s on show. Continue reading

Tracey’s Art of Collecting

At Art Partners, we’re fans of BIG Kids Magazine. The theme for their upcoming issue is ‘collections.’

That got us thinking about how we might be able to contribute and spread the word. Not only are we running a few mini-workshops for our younger people and their bigger people friends, but we thought we’d focus this month’s blog post on the art of collecting. Continue reading

10 Works, 5 Artists and Many Mentors in 1 Package

As we prepare to ship 10 works by the Art Partners off to an exhibition in Perth, something in this wondrous package is immediately evident: all five of the participating artists have had the opportunity to work with more than one mentor.  Everyone in the last year or so has benefitted from multiple artistic influences.

We’d thought we’d take this opportunity to preview the 10 works by the five artists before they’re packaged up and shipped to the As We Are Art Award and Exhibition which opens in central Perth on November 1. Continue reading

Pearls of Wisdom for Keon and the Rest of Us

Art Partners had been keen to spend more time with protégé Keon Hall from Collie.  He’s an aspiring artist with whom we had done some creative bits and pieces in 2013.

Thus, on April 16, we enticed him up from Collie to spend the day with us. Continue reading