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A Love Letter to Girls of the World

Dear Girls of the World,

We thought about you the other day. Not individually, of course, because according to the United Nations, you number 1.1 billion!  There are many of you.  You’re definitely a force to be reckoned with!

We not only thought about you, but a group of us got together to honour your special day – the International Day of the Girl Child. Continue reading

Manga and More with Daniel McLachlan

Illustrator Daniel McLachlan has had a very busy year!  His portfolio is becoming more colourful and more detailed by the day.

He’s very keen on manga, a style used in Japanese comic books and graphic novels.  He recently completed Manga Madness, a first term class at Stirling Street Arts Centre run by artists Dee Mosca and Kiri Aroha. Continue reading

10 Works, 5 Artists and Many Mentors in 1 Package

As we prepare to ship 10 works by the Art Partners off to an exhibition in Perth, something in this wondrous package is immediately evident: all five of the participating artists have had the opportunity to work with more than one mentor.  Everyone in the last year or so has benefitted from multiple artistic influences.

We’d thought we’d take this opportunity to preview the 10 works by the five artists before they’re packaged up and shipped to the As We Are Art Award and Exhibition which opens in central Perth on November 1. Continue reading