Vision, Etc.

Our Vision

We envision a community that is fully inclusive of people with disability.

We believe that we’re better off – economically, socially, and culturally – when we’re all together.  We believe that when societies are truly inclusive, everyone benefits. 

We also point to the growing body of evidence that documents improved health and wellbeing for people who participate in community arts activities.

Our Mission

Our mission is to encourage people of all abilities to participate in community art classes and activities in Bunbury, Western Australia.

Our Values

Real relationships – we foster non-economic relationships between people with disability and mentors

We believe that people with disability should have valued roles in their community.  They are entitled to meaningful relationships with people who are not being paid to be with them.  Thus, our mentors are not paid for their participation in Art Partners.  Rather, our mentors are volunteers who share the same artistic interests as their partners.  We believe that real relationships do evolve when economics is taken out of the equation.

Communications – we share our stories

Everyone can and should be recognized for what they do well.  Thus – and with consent – we actively tell our stories to the public.  The victories of those who participate in Art Partners are often covered by the local media and can be found on-line in a wide variety of locations.

Cost effectiveness – we offer excellent value for money

Art Partners is about building real relationships between people.  Relationship building should not be a costly affair.  The entirety of the Art Partners program is financed for approximately $50,000 annually.  Each year, the program facilitates participation for people with disability and their mentors in over 200 art classes and activities. 

Broad-based fundraising – we have many donors

We know that having many friends is better than having a few.  Thus, we believe that diversified fundraising is the key to minimizing risk and expanding community ownership.  The more diverse our list of donors, the better off we are.  Please consult our Sponsors & Donors page for a complete list which includes government, corporations, non-profits and individuals. 

Being present in the community – we work from several venues

We work in the community.  Thus, our Program Officer spends time on the move and works from a variety of locations.  This keeps us in touch with different constituencies including the state government, our art centers and disability support agencies.  Being present in the community is the key to understanding what the community needs and what the possibilities are.

Our partnerships – we honour our mentors, volunteers, sponsors and donors

Healthy partnerships are the lifeblood of our program.  Art Partners works to develop and maintain partnerships with our participants, their families, their support agencies, the cultural venues, the media, our editorial committee, our local government, our state government through the Disability Services Commission and the Department of Culture and the Arts and our donors, both financial and in-kind. 

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